Me So Thorny

Filthy Home

It was a perfect evening, sun setting over the skyline, fall breeze blowing cool, as I lingered in the city rose garden. Amazed by the vast collection of Grecian statues, moss covered oaks, and endless roses, I was suddenly distracted by a young man walking alone. Admiring his perfect body, I began to follow his path. Our eyes met, I looked away only to return his unchanged gaze. “Hello,” he mouthed. His pleasure was visible through his tight jeans, as I moved closer to him we met face to face, “Hello, stranger.”

DESCRIPTION: Me So Thorny Wallpaper –

• Made in Brooklyn, New York USA

• Self-adhesive matte vinyl has a semi-permanent adhesive backing with siliconized kraft liner that will help prevent your images from chipping or cracking.

• Filthy Home uses only non-solvent based inks (solvent-based ink-jet ink has many health and safety considerations including: respiratory, skin and eye irritants, and in some cases, central nervous system depressants).

• 24 inch wide by 8',10' or 12' ft full-bleed panels for easy side by side installation (select correct height needed below). If you need a longer length (ceiling is higher then 12 ft) please email:

• Positional or removable applications for up to three (3) months.

• Please see "how to" section (top of the page) to understand how simple installation of Filthy Home Wallpaper is.

• Because of demand, shipping may take up to 2 weeks, but normally ships out of New York City in 3-5 business days.

• Filthy Home also can produce custom colorways/size of all wallpaper styles. Please email directly to get a quote on pricing:

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