Bananas Candy Tip

Filthy Home

Stacy and Lenore were bored. Lying around their small, hot, college apartment they decided to take a walk to Teddy’s Candy Shoppe. Outside, the heat rose from the city streets in wavy lines, their tank tops stuck to their supple figures. Teddy’s shop, full of vibrant color and shinny wrappers made their faces light up like little girls. “Afternoon, ladies… how can I help you?” a low southern voice floated from the chiseled man behind the counter. Lenore could feel her heart skip a beat. “Got anything special today?” Stacy giggled. “Oh, I have something special”, he ducked down behind the counter. With a dirty grin, he emerged holding two chocolate dipped bananas, “You like candy tips?”

DESCRIPTION: Candy Tip Wallpaper –  

• Made in Brooklyn, New York USA

• Self-adhesive matte vinyl has a semi-permanent adhesive backing with siliconized kraft liner that will help prevent your images from chipping or cracking.

• Filthy Home uses only non-solvent based inks (solvent-based ink-jet ink has many health and safety considerations including: respiratory, skin and eye irritants, and in some cases, central nervous system depressants).

• 24 inch wide by 8',10' or 12' ft full-bleed panels for easy side by side installation (select correct height needed below). If you need a longer length (ceiling is higher then 12 ft) please email:

• Positional or removable applications for up to three (3) months.

• Please see "how to" section (top of the page) to understand how simple installation of Filthy Home Wallpaper is.

• Because of demand, shipping may take up to 2 weeks, but normally ships out of New York City in 3-5 business days.

• Filthy Home also can produce custom colorways/size of all wallpaper styles. Please email directly to get a quote on pricing:

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